the next free game has leaked, it’s killer!

The identity of one of the upcoming free Epic Games Store games has been revealed in advance. An excellent production, which announces massacres in shambles. Here is the program for the week and the next.

It’s Thursday, and Thursday means free games. For some time now, Amazon Prime Gaming has joined the dance, but it was the Epic Games Store that started the movement. The Fornite creators’ store has its own little gifts there every week to be collected every afternoon at the same time. A real weekly meeting for PC gamers. Here are the free EGS games to grab this week.

Two new free Epic Games Store games this week

Last week, the store offered the indie game The Big Con, with a bonus pack for the free-to-play Town of Salem 2 to get the adventure off to a good start. They now give way to two new free Epic Games Store games. Of April 25 to May 2, 2024still at 5 p.m. sharp, users will be able to get their hands on two titles that are relatively unknown to the general public: Industria and Lisa Definitive Edition.


The first is presented as an FPS plunging you into a parallel steampunk universe shortly before the end of the Cold War. Your goal is to find your missing colleague while surviving this hostile world. An independent production which focused everything on its old school feeling (there is no rear sight for example) and its surrealist atmosphere. This first free Epic Games Store game was ultimately rather well received, although many criticized it for being too short. Allow 5 hours maximum to see the end.

Lisa Definitive Edition

Even more unknown, Lisa Definitive Edition will be the second gift of the week. This even smaller independent production takes you deep into the Olathe wastelands. A world filled with disgust and moral desolation where your choices will directly affect gameplay. This second free Epic Games Store game goes all out on its dark and singular humor and according to the few feedbacks, it succeeds quite well.

The next free Epic Games Store game already known

It was no longer a surprise since his name had been released a day in advance. The next free Epic Games Store game is none other than Orcs Must Die 3. An excellent tower defense and playable in coop as a bonus. In this giveaway from next week, which has a nice 9/10 on Steam, you must protect your castle from hordes of orcs. It’s up to you to slaughter them by any means possible, alone or with a comrade.

In fact, Orcs Must Die 3 offers a little novelty to spice up this carnage: war machines that can be modified at will. They offer power capable of projecting, piercing, charring and even dislocating these disgusting invaders. Robot Entertainment has clearly pushed all the sliders upwards, while retaining the essence of the license and offering a well-crafted story mode. This new free Epic Games Store game will be available from May 2 to 9, 2024, still at 5 p.m. For the moment we do not know whether it will be accompanied by a second production or not. See you this afternoon to find out for sure.

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