the next free game to leak and it’s excellent!

The Epic Games Store should still be a treat, the latest free game has simply leaked. This is very good news because it is rather recent. What do we know about this?

The Epic Games Store continues to surprise players with its mystery games offered for free every week. According to a recent leak revealed by billbil-kun of Dealabs, the next title to be given away for free is a highly anticipated game from June 6 to 13, 2024 at 5 p.m. (French time). It can be collected free of charge. The good news is that it’s very recent.

Marvel Featured on the Epic Games Store

The game in question is Marvel’s Midnight Suns, which will be available in its Standard version. Players will be able to grab this title for free and discover an immersive experience in the Marvel Universe, with a team of superheroes and supernatural hunters uniting to face a mystical threat. Marvel’s Midnight Suns combines strategy and RPG elements, giving players the opportunity to command a team of superheroes in tactical combat. Each character has their own unique abilities and powers, which players can use to strategize complexly and overcome various challenges. You can read our TEST on the subject to find out a little more. But overall we find:

  • From turn-based combat like in an XCOM. Each fight requires careful planning and judicious use of character abilities.
  • Customization: Players can customize their team and develop their heroes’ skills.
  • Engaging story: a rich plot that integrates mystical elements and emblematic characters from the Marvel universe.

In Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players face Lilith, the mother of demons, and her hordes of hellish creatures. To defeat her, a team of classic superheroes like Iron Man, Wolverine, and Doctor Strange, as well as supernatural hunters, must join forces. Frankly, it’s a very good game and therefore a good surprise from the Epic Games Store. One piece of advice, don’t miss it!

Frankly, during our test, our experience was very good. This is surely one of the best Marvel games out there right now and one of the best X-Com-likes out there. It must be said that it was the Firaxis studio itself which took care of the baby. And obviously, they have the necessary experience for a work of this kind.

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