The nice Fiat 600e is transformed into a supercharged bomber thanks to the wizard Abarth

Fred Delavie

February 9, 2024 at 8:46 a.m.


Abarth 600e © Abarth

Abarth gives a first official preview of its future Abarth 600e electric bomber ©Abarth

Abarth, the sports branch of Fiat, unveils the first images of its future electric GTi, the 600e. In addition to its flashy color and suggestive design, the manufacturer also announces that it will be the most powerful production Abarth in its history.

Fiat’s sports brand Abarth has revealed its 600e electric crossover, its most powerful electric car to date. Based on the new compact Fiat 600e, it enriches the range of the Scorpion, its favorite acronym, which until now was limited to a single model, the 500e Abarth.

A Hypnotic Purple livery so as not to go unnoticed

Fiat’s performance brand, Abarth, recently lifted the veil on the 600e, an electric crossover that stands out as the most powerful production model the brand has ever designed. This vehicle, based on the Fiat 600e, represents Abarth’s second electric effort after the release of the Abarth 500e and marks the brand’s first SUV to sport the scorpion badge in Europe. The launch version, called Scorpionissima, is offered in a limited edition of 1,949 copies, characterized by its distinctive Hypnotic Purple color.

Style and after?

The Abarth 600e is powered by an electric motor delivering 240 hp, making it the most efficient model in the Abarth range to date. The vehicle is equipped with a mechanical limited-slip differential, a feature often reserved for front-wheel drive compacts, aimed at minimizing torque feedback in the steering and improving cornering stability, handling and traction. Although the exact performance and autonomy figures remain under embargo, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h should be between 5 and 6 seconds due in particular to the relatively low weight. The battery should in fact remain that of the standard Fiat 600e, shared by the other cousins ​​using the Stellantis e-CMP platform (Jeep Avenger, Peugeot e-208 or Opel Corsa-e) of 51 kWh.

If the Fiat 600e offers a little more than 400 km in the WLTP cycle, the autonomy should be reduced a little due to a traction chain more powerful by almost 54%.

FIAT 600 E © SP/Fiat

The design of the Abarth version will be more electric and dynamic than that of the base Fiat 600e (above) © SP/Fiat

A platform renamed Perfo-eCMP

Developed in partnership with Formula E tire supplier
Hankook, the tires of the Abarth 600e were designed to “ ensure maximum grip and guarantee excellent driving dynamics in all conditions ” all in ” ensuring maximum autonomy in an electric vehicle », Announces the press release. For the moment, we just know that the 20-inch rims accommodate a specific braking system resized to be more in line with the vehicle’s performance.

If nothing is mentioned about the running gear and shock absorbers we hope that these will also be firmed up to improve handling. The Fiat 600e hardly suffers from any complaints at this level but its suspension would not cope well with resolutely sporty driving, which is what this Abarth is intended for. In any case, if the basic platform is the CMP, the manufacturer’s optimizations allow it to inaugurate a new name called Perfo-eCMP.

The new Abarth 600e is undergoing final tests before its first public appearance in Milan, where the filming of its future advertising spot is planned. To be continued !

Source : Stellantis

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