The Office: why Steve Carell really cried in the cult series

Steve Carell actually cried when the cast of “The Office” surprised him during the filming of one of his last scenes…

Since The Office (US) ended 10 years ago, fans have been nostalgic. And for some, part of the series ended after Steve Carell left. Although he returned for the final episode, “Goodbye Michael” (7×22), will always be considered his last episode.

Saying goodbye to the show wasn’t easy for the actor, and this was especially true during the certain scene where the rest of the crew starts singing him a song – which was not planned in the scenario.

The farewell song in question, “9,986,000 minutes”, was modified for the occasion. The episode took an emotional turn when the Dunder Mifflin employees began singing it in front of Michael and it was later revealed that the actor had not been informed of this particular moment. The tears of Steve Carell on screen are therefore absolutely authentic. Rediscover it below.

Seen by more than 4.1 million spectators, fans then had a lot to say about the improvised moment. One of them wrote: “The fact that Angela smiles and Stanley scoffs “I watch you when you sleep” really shows that these were actually the actors saying goodbye to Steve Carell. That and the fact that he didn’t know it before filming.

Another fan notes: “The script Steve received didn’t include the song, it ended with Andy’s reward. Everything you see on Steve’s face is his real reaction. If you look at all the cast, you can see their genuine reactions to Steve leaving. Both heartbreaking and beautiful.

The emblematic scene is therefore all the more perfect as the emotions were not scripted.

If the actor’s departure was not the fans’ favorite moment, for Steve Carellhowever, he was perfect as he revealed on the “Office Ladies” podcast, specifying that his departure had come at the right time and that it had opened the way to new intrigues.

The Office (US) can be seen streaming in its entirety on Netflix and Prime Video.

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