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Since geeks are interested in desks, you can change their height electrically, sockets are integrated and there are even RGB LEDs on some. But, we can go even further by integrating an Oled screen.

Lumina desk

The Lumina Desk is at the project stage… but the first visuals will thrill the most geeks among us. It is an extremely advanced desk, equipped with an Oled screen and intended to give a quick overview of important information.

A screen with its own system

Its most notable feature is its built-in 24-inch Oled screen. This screen is not intended to be the main working screen, but is intended to display additional information. It’s not just a monitor, it’s an integrated system. It embeds, in fact, its own operating system called Lumina OS. This OS is capable of displaying a Twitter feed, calendar and other data, among others.

In addition, the manufacturer wants to provide a development kit (SDK). This will allow, for example, a network administrator to view the usage of a server or the network. There are many examples since the information displayed can be adapted to all trades.

It’s a classic screen with a refresh rate of 60 Hz and a maximum brightness of 1,200 cd/m². The table legs are made of aluminum and the table top is made of glass. The height of the table is electrically adjustable. It also includes six outlets, as well as six USB Type-C ports with a total output power of 120 watts, and up to 30 watts per port. Finally, two charging bases are also available to charge your phone.

Now, you can register on their official website to get informed about the next progress of the project. The most handy of you will probably prefer to create your own table by recovering a tablet or a monitor, for example.

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