The one-minute rule |


I love to-do lists because I'm a total fan of celebrating myself for what I've already done. Let's be honest, we all need that from time to time, right? And that is very clearly visible through the scratchy note on fluttering notes. Bathroom cleaned? Check. Sucked dust? Check. Shop? Check. Brilliant!
A common phenomenon that all to-do lists bring with them is the small tasks. The ones that are not urgent or time-consuming, that could always be done quickly, in between. And still – they are there. Always.

In my latest browsing through the depths of the Internet, I discovered it, the universal formula for my problem: the so-called "one-minute rule". As if by magic and with a halo, it appeared in front of me, almost perfect and so obviously simple: if you have a task that you can do in less than a minute, do it immediately. How now, so easy? Can not be. Otherwise I would have thought of it a long time ago. I thought.


The one that went looking for him

The catch must be somewhere. Shaking my head and "Too good to be true" – mumbling, I went into the fight against the small tasks. Against unmade beds, carelessly lying sports bags (including clothes, of course not washed), against limescale stains on the tap and coffee cups from last Friday on the desk. To begin with, I set myself the goal of living according to the "one-minute rule" for three days. So far so good.

day 1

It starts just before half past seven. Still very sleepy, I put my cereal bowl in the sink and almost want to turn around again, then it occurs to me. Ha! The bastard almost grabbed me, but not with me. I quickly rinse off the bowl and place it happy to dry. If that doesn't start well!
During the day I notice them more and more, the little things. When the water bottle is empty, I get up and get a new one, which is also a nice change from sitting all the time. The coffee mug is taken away directly and not drastically draped on the desk. I collect my flying paper clips and keep them in one place. Oh, how nice, this order. And so easy!

day 2

Today is a stressful day without question. Here is an appointment, there you can quickly process the emails, somehow you still get nothing. When I have the feeling that everything is growing over my head, I work on smaller tasks so as not to lose motivation in between. Because it makes a difference whether you have completed five tasks after ten minutes or whether you can put a tick behind a larger one after three hours. For a to-go sense of achievement, the previously annoying Popel tasks are worth their weight in gold, you just have to stay tuned.

Day 3

Saturday. Between the blankets and pillows, I turn around again, because today I really don't feel like to-dos. When I take a careful look at the list, I notice that it is not as long as I thought. In principle, I think it's good. But can that really be because I've done minor tasks spottily in the past few days? Can it, I think to myself, when I take a look at the non-existent stack of dishes in the sink. Although my sweater from yesterday still hangs over the desk chair and I wanted to have brought the paper waste down long ago, but there is improvement in sight.

It's the little things

Three days have passed. It was nice. It really was because of it makeable is, and so simple. My even tidier self pushes up the imaginary Schlauberger glasses on the nose and recommends the "one-minute rule" with a raised index finger. Predicate good and definitely try it out! Because, as the saying goes: It's the little things that make the difference. Amen.