“The Parc des Princes is PSG”, the Parisian ultras opposed to the departure of the club from its historic stadium

The Ultras Paris collective (CUP) indicated on Friday that the Parc des Princes “is PSG”, the day after the declaration by PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi, affirming that he wanted to leave the stadium in the face of the refusal of Paris town hall to sell the enclosure. “Our position: PSG is the Parc des princes and the Parc des princes is PSG,” declared the Collectif ultras Paris (CUP) in a press release, and “we do not envisage being the generation of supporters who will have seen the club leave its forever lair”.

The sale of the Parc des Princes, at the heart of the conflict with Paris town hall

Thursday, on the sidelines of the UEFA congress, the Qatari leader told journalists: “It’s too easy to say now that the stadium is no longer for sale. We know what we want, we have wasted years trying to buy the Park. It’s over now, we want to move out of the Park.” “The president was clear. We must find a solution, but the message is very clear,” Parisian coach Luis Enrique said on Friday at a press conference, when questioned on the subject.

The Parisian club, engaged until the end of 2043 in a thirty-year long lease with the Town Hall, owner, considers the acquisition of the stadium essential to carry out its expansion project to 60,000 seats, compared to around 48,000 currently. For months, the situation has continued to become tense, because Paris City Hall has repeated that it does not want to sell the Park.

This position was reaffirmed on Tuesday by the Council of Paris, which requested that the modernization of the sports venue “be carried out within the framework of an arrangement satisfactory to all parties, but not involving its transfer”, a year later that the PS councilor, Anne Hidalgo, closed the door to a sale. “We understand that after having dangled a sale for a very long time, the town hall, for political reasons, changed its mind. But we will not accept that our club and its stadium be sacrificed so that Anne Hidalgo keeps control on the advice of Paris”, launched the CUP in the press release.

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