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On October 16, 1984, the lifeless body of Grégory Villemin, 4 years old, was found in the waters of Vologne, in the Vosges. The starting point of an extraordinary affair which, 37 years after the events, still remains an enigma. In Gala, this August 12, the lawyer for the parents of the little deceased breaks the silence.

Who killed little Grégory Villemin? To date, the assassin of the child found dead in 1984 at the age of 4 in the icy waters of Vologne was never found. The photograph of the recovery of the body of the deceased, feet and fists bound by cords, had marked public opinion. Over the course of the highly publicized investigation, suspicion had been directed towards several members of the family. First, Bernard Laroche: the first suspect had been killed by his cousin Jean-Marie Villeminthe father of little Grégory, after his release from prison on March 29, 1985. Then the investigations were directed towards Christine, the mother, suspected of having put an end to the life of her own son. Christine Villemin, at the end of a long investigation, had benefited from a dismissal for lack of charges. Near Galathis Friday, August 12, Maître Marie-Christine Chastant-Morand, lawyer for the parents of the young boy, revealed that the legal case was not closed. “There was therefore a second reopening and this same reopening is still in progress”, she told the media. And to break the silence behind the scenes of the case. “There have been some truly sordid things”, was so sorry the woman of law. And to specify: “We even went so far as to steal Grégory’s photograph from his grave…” Another disturbing element around the file: the threatening letters. “There were also, yes, of course! I don’t have any specific threats in mind, but there have been some.unveiled Master Marie-Christine Chastant-Morand

Grégory case: an investigation that never ends

Since the assassination of little Grégory, the investigation has been regularly relaunched by new analyzes and investigations. Christine and Jean-Marie will never give up. They want to know the last hours of their child. They are ready to help their lawyers and the justice system”declared Maître Marie-Christine Chastant-Morand at Gala.

However, there is no question for those who gave life to Grégory Villemin to engage again in this affair. The parents no longer want to speak. They weren’t prepared for a case like this, they were traumatized”, explained the lawyer. The key to this unsolved crime may be found in the anonymous letters sent by the crow(s) to little Grégory’s family.

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