The Paris of chefs – What Maxime Bouttier eats

HASnearly 14 years spent in the starred brigades and having excelled in the kitchens of Mensae in the 19e arrondissement, Maxime Bouttier is inaugurating his restaurant – Géosmine – in the 11e. A gastronomic table by instinct, not stuffy, but very well thought out all the same. On the plate, a readable and tasteful cuisine for this lover of the land who claims his Sarthe and rural origins. In the meantime, his strolls are restricted to the neighborhood, works oblige.

Her crush: Korus

“Here are friends who have exactly the kind of cuisine that Paris lacks: simple but well executed, with good sourcing and, in the end, excellent value for money. What you taste here is worth exactly what you pay for. Besides, it’s always full. We eat a lot of fish there and their wines are exclusively “natural”. »
73, rue Amelot, 11e. From €4 to €16 at the bar and from €62 for the dinner menu.

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His institution: Au Passage

“It’s a big house in a very small street… they’re on the ground floor, it’s a bit like a country inn. In the end, it’s an old Paris, even if Audrey and Jean-Charles take turns “going up” from Sancerre, where they have their vegetable garden. These are small plates to share or not, very frank, sometimes with a distant twist, because their chefs in residence are renewing themselves. And many come from elsewhere… Qualitatively, it’s exceptional and it’s been going on for 10 years! »
1 bis, Passage Saint-Sébastien, 11e. From €13 to €21 a dish.

His wine cellar: Delicatessen

“I really like this family address, you can feel that they are passionate. They only “sell” winegrowers they know. In addition to around forty “natural” champagnes, they have a fine selection of Loire wines… Which delights me, as I am particularly fond of the region. I also appreciate that they have something for all budgets, it varies from 12 to 200 €. »
136, rue Amelot, 11e. 09 81 64 33 67

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His PMU: The Spark

“It’s a real corner bistro, run by Asians. With beers, cigarettes and sandwiches at noon. But it’s crowded until 2 o’clock in the morning, because, in the evening, you can order nems and spring rolls there! They do wonderfully. I love this contrast (and in addition, there is a terrace). »
3, rue Saint-Sebastien, Paris 11e. €10 for eight spring rolls. 01 47 00 73 58

His discovery: The Little Blue

“Another winery, but this one stands out for its selection of whiskies. A hundred, sourced from small producers and distilleries that are difficult to find elsewhere. There are also rums, vodkas and some brandies. »
21, rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud, Paris 11e.

Geosmine, 71, rue de la Folie-Méricourt, Paris 11e.
Opening scheduled for October.

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