The party is over on Airbnb

Noellie Mautaint

July 03, 2022 at 11:10 a.m.


Airbnb © Alexandre Boero for Clubic

© Alexandre Boero for Clubic

No more evenings in the rentals Airbnb. After tightening the rules in 2020, the pioneering platform in this area has just announced a formal ban.

All users who rent accommodation on the site to organize parties there would be subject to heavy penalties.

More parties on Airbnb

The party is definitely over on Airbnb. The platform for renting accommodation between individuals announces before the summer holidays that it is no longer possible to rent apartments, houses or villas to organize parties there. Those who deviate from the rule will have their accounts permanently deleted and will be permanently banned from the site. 6,600 people have already been suspended for this reason in 2021.

Airbnb had previously suspended parties in the summer of 2020 and on New Year’s to help enforce social distancing. This time, the company bans them permanently and in all the goods referenced on the platform. ” The temporary suspension has proven to be effective, which is why we are officially incorporating the suspension into our rules “Explains the company in its press release. Since 2020, Airbnb announces that it has observed a 44% annual drop in party reports.

The suspension was well received by our host community and we received positive feedback from community leaders and elected officials “, underlines the platform. She recalls in passing that she has put in place preventive measures to deter partygoers, including 24-hour online assistance, a special system against parties organized during the holidays and a partnership in the United States with Vrbo, its rival, to share information about repeat offenders.

Source : BFM TV

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