the pearls of the candidates for the general culture test… you will not be disappointed!

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As the election of Miss France 2023 approaches, the contenders for the title have recently passed the famous general culture test. If some have managed, others have given answers that are to say the least… astonishing!

Who says end of the year, says election of a new Miss France. This year, the most beautiful woman in the country will be elected Saturday, December 17 live on TF1. In the meantime, the contenders for the title, who dream of succeeding Diane Leyre, have returned to Guadeloupe for the traditional integration journey. Stay during which the young women do not only enjoy the sun since they are also subjected to different kinds of evaluations in order to allow the jury to decide between them before the grand finale. Among them are the famous general knowledge test.

The thirty regional Misses submitted to it this Wednesday, November 23. taking the form of a MCQ of forty questions, which they are asked to answer in forty minutes, this test covers six different themes : current events, French language, history-geography, arts and literature, mathematics and logic, then foreign languages. And, as reported The Parisiansome of the candidates’ answers are… memorable (but, above all, totally wrong) !

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“Cyrano de Bergerac, reassure us, is it Molière?”

I didn’t know who Olympe de Gouges was ! No problem, however, for Beyoncé and her album Renaissancefor example slipped Miss Aquitaine after the test. “Jacquemus, that’s really his name, his name is not Olivier Rousteing ? But I know he’s not a creator”meanwhile assured Miss Île-de-France with aplomb. “I hesitated with Annie Ernaux for the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2022, but it’s good, I put Marguerite Duras, it’s good“, elated Miss Guadeloupe, visibly sure of herself.

As for Miss Brittany, the young woman had doubts about the identity of the minister who established the music festival in France. “I thought it was a woman, so I put Roselyne Bachelot, but I wasn’t very sure”she said, before adding: “But I’m sure Diane Leyre is on Fun Radio, otherwise she’s going to yell at us.” In unison, a few Misses also threw, uncertain : “Cyrano de Bergerac, reassure us, is it Molière?” Pretty pearls, then. As revealed by the Miss France committee on social networks, this Thursday, November 24, it was Miss Normandy, Miss Champagne-Ardenne and Miss Rhône-Alpes who came first in this general knowledge quiz.


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