The pension fund for doctors cancels its increase in pensions in 2023

The pension fund for doctors (Carmf) announced on Tuesday the cancellation of the increase in pensions planned for January 1, 2023, an extreme choice which it justifies by the exemption from contributions for practitioners in combined employment and retirement, included in the Scu budget.

No upgrade next year for the 85,000 retired doctors. With immense bitterness, the Carmf decided to cancel the 4.8% increase in pensions on January 1, 2023, the organization said in a press release.

This decision concerns only the supplementary scheme for doctors, which represents nearly half of their retirement – supplemented by a basic pension and a so-called supplementary pension.

The Carmf rejects the responsibility for this on the social security financing bill (PLFSS), which provides for an exemption from old-age contributions for retired doctors who will resume a liberal activity next year, below an income level fixed by decree.

A measure responsible for a drop in contributions of 73 million euros for the Carmf, which did not obtain a guarantee of compensation and therefore had to take an extreme measure to maintain financial balance and intergenerational harmony.

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Returning the ball to the government, the fund hopes that the supervisory authority, solely responsible for this state of affairs, quickly finds a way out of this situation.

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