The perfect dinner: hostess serves stinky fruit for dessert

“The perfect dinner”
There’s stinky fruit for dessert

“The Perfect Dinner” hostess Dao from Warnemünde.

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“The Perfect Dinner” hostess Dao has come up with something very special for dessert: a stinky fruit.

“The perfect dinner” always offers the participants a surprise: the menu is deliberately named imprecisely so that none of the guests know exactly what to expect. People are often pleasantly surprised – in the case of Dao, 38, from Warnemünde, there is a special kind of culmination at the end of the evening: she serves the participants a stinky fruit.

“The perfect dinner”: Guests demand something exotic

The participants of the “The Perfect Dinner” week in Rostock remarkably often wished for something “exotic” on their plates. The “herb witch” Bärbel, 67, was only able to fulfill this wish to a limited extent. All hopes, especially from participant Bianca, 48, rested on day 2 on hobby chef Mouaz, who promised a journey of the senses with his menu motto “1001 nuances of taste immerse yourself in the world of the Orient”. Unfortunately, according to the taste of the guests, this was a relatively boring tour at times. Bianca even suspected that he had held back on the spices for the others. Vietnamese native Dao feels a little pressured at her dinner on Thursday, May 19, 2022. And takes particularly daring measures.

“Smells like rotting onion”

In order to stand up to the rather critical competition, Dao throws over her entire menu without further ado. Appropriately, she also calls the first course of her dinner “Freestyle”. Summer rolls are served, which the guests can put together themselves. A small mango gazpacho accompanies the first course. The creative idea is well received by Paul, 29: “It was a lot of fun.” The volunteer junior soccer coach then serves a saddle of venison as the main course – shot by the neighbor Uwe himself. Unfortunately, she only manages the dish to a limited extent, probably because she has never done anything like this before, as she admits herself.

The dessert – passion fruit banana ice cream with sticky rice – can lift the spirits again. “You really tasted the rice,” Bärbel praises the dessert. The absolute highlight for everyone involved, however, is a stinky fruit from Southeast Asia: In Paul’s opinion, it smells like “rotten onions”, but the taste is (at least partially) very well received by the guests. With 28 out of 40 points, it is not enough for one of the top places – the evening was a bit too unorganized for the participants.

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