The perfect dinner & shopping queen: This continues with the popular TV formats

With the relaxation of the Corona measures, small shops will be able to reopen in many places from this week, even if their goods do not contribute to essential supplies. Buying clothes, jewelry and accessories is now possible again. Nothing stands in the way of the resumption of the shooting of "Shopping Queen". The VOX documentary had temporarily stopped production due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"The perfect dinner" also took a break from filming. Five hobby chefs from one city invite each other home for the cooking competition. They serve their guests a three-course menu, which is then evaluated by the competition. Because of the corona virus, a contact ban in private households applies across Germany. Only life partners can visit each other at home.

VOX documentaries want to end shooting break

"Since stores had previously closed and the ban on contacts also applies to private households, we paused with the recording of 'Shopping Queen' and 'The perfect dinner'," explains a spokeswoman for the Cologne-based broadcaster at the spot on news news agency. However, this did not result in "supply bottlenecks" since both formats had already produced some episodes.

At least for "Shopping Queen" the shooting should continue soon. The production of "The Perfect Dinner" should follow as soon as possible. "Due to the easing that has already come into force and has been announced, we expect to be able to resume production shortly if the appropriate safety measures are followed," the broadcaster continues.

Drag Queen Special is in the box

A drag queen special from "Shopping Queen" had also postponed the station. However, the consequences had already been recorded before the outbreak of the corona virus, the spokeswoman confirmed. "You will only come to the program at a later date."