The perfect dinner: Tears are already flowing on the first day

“The perfect dinner”
Tears are already flowing on the first day

“The perfect dinner”: Hannah from Lüneburg

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“The Perfect Dinner” is sometimes highly emotional. In Lüneburg, tears flow from day 1 of a guest.

“The perfect dinner” poses a challenge for the participants, because after all, the aim is to create a 3-course menu for three to four other people, which should also be as “perfect” as possible. That doesn’t always work out, and the preparations aren’t always easy. And it is not uncommon for the hosts to shed tears. In the current week in Lüneburg, on Monday, August 15, 2022, it is a guest who has tears in her eyes.

“The perfect dinner”: the hostess is fully prepared

Hannah’s father, 25, had actually signed up for the cooking show – but unfortunately he was on vacation when the show was recorded. In his place, the student tries to create a menu. And does this very conscientiously, because after all, she doesn’t know what eating habits to expect. Without further ado, she picks them all with her courses: “I have a vegetarian alternative for every course, which is automatically vegan too.” In contrast to the hosts before her, she does not believe that vegans or vegetarians are “out of place” with “The Perfect Dinner”.

Of course, hardly anyone can meet the taste of all guests – after all, everyone has their own preferences. In Hannah’s case, however, the participants are well served to at least be able to tolerate avocado, because it appears in every course: with the starter in the form of guacamole, with the main course as a mango-avocado salad and with dessert as a cream im layered dessert. The guests are also aware that Hannah seems to have a favorite among the foods.

Touching performance can only affect the points to a limited extent

Where the menu lacks variety, Hannah scores as a hostess across the board. We are greeted by a fireplace in the garden. “Respect that you made the start here. The start is great,” praises Kirsten, 44, the young student. Hannah also collects a lot of respect from guest André, but more for the inner calm that she radiates: “Hannah was so relaxed that I almost thought she threw a Valium.”

While the main course – tarte flambé salmon with the aforementioned avocado-mango salad – sizzles over the open fire, Hannah strikes up a song on the guitar. “She has a beautiful voice and played so tenderly and beautifully, that was really great,” enthuses Kirsten about the vocal performance. And Tine, 53, even shed tears from sheer emotion. But in the end, the food served counts for the points and the guests lack it in some places. Hannah received 29 out of a possible 40 points for the first day of the new “The Perfect Dinner” week.

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