The perfect trick to avoid bad odors in shoes


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If your feet tend to sweat, in hot weather or throughout the year, these tips will help you avoid bad smells in your shoes!

Outside temperatures are rising everywhere in France and causing sometimes excessive sweating of the body. This is particularly noticeable in the feet, which can sweat in the shoes. To get rid of the smell in your shoes, there are effective solutions. If some people use deodorizing balls, just to restore a little freshness inside their shoes, it is better to treat the problem at the source. For this, it is recommended to use materials recognized for their absorption capacities.

To avoid sweating excessively and thus get rid of bad odors in your shoes, the use of cork soles is recommended. Indeed, this material allows your feet to breathe freely, thus preventing them from slipping due to perspiration. Cork insoles can be found in any shoe store or in big box stores.

Talc, the perfect ally against perspiration

In addition to cork soles, you can also pour a teaspoon of talcum powder in your shoes before putting them on. Known for its antiperspirant properties, it will prevent bad odors. Naturally, it is also advisable to wearshoes perfectly adapted to the size and shape of your foot : if you are not comfortable, you sweat more. In summer, the feet tend to swell because of the heat. This is why care must be taken not to wear shoes that are too closed, where the foot suffocates.

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