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In an apartment or a house, gardening has become the new passion of the French. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have green thumbs. Rest assured, to see your plants grow over time, there are several tips. A helping hand never hurts!

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Have a green thumb, it is unfortunately a status coveted by many French people. Since confinement, domestic gardening has become very trendy. Whether in an apartment, on their balcony or in their outdoor space, many people are delighted to put your hands in the ground. But if everyone is able to buy plants and put them in pots, maintaining them and giving them a lasting life is more complicated for some. For your plants to grow in the best conditions, there are several things to know.

First of all, it is important to know the needs of each plant : define whether it evolves indoors or outdoors, ask yourself if it needs a lot of light or not, know how many times it needs to be watered per week or even, if it prefers to be fed from above or from the base. We grant it to you, some plants deserve an instruction manual! If your plants seem a little tired, lacking in vitality, or downright on the edge of the abysshere are some simple and natural remedies to save them.

These natural and simple remedies to give your plants a second wind

As crazy as it sounds, it is possible to have lush plants with simple remedies. If the leaves of your plant are damaged, such as dried out or moldy, give it a little makeover! It could not be easier. Prepare a solution based on 10 g of brewer’s yeast (very powerful nutrient for plant roots), a tablespoon of white sugar (repels all kinds of pests such as insects and pathogenic fungi) and a liter of water mineral (to provide a healthy appearance to the plant). After having let this mixture rest for two hours at room temperature, you can fertilize your plants with it at least three times a month during spring and summer ; only once during fall and winter.

To help your plant grow, it is also possible to use natural fertilizers to be applied directly to the soil. Already well known to budding gardeners, there are coffee grounds or eggshells, ideal for balancing the pH of compost. Finally, instead of risking slipping on it, you can arrange the banana peels on the base of the plants : they are rich in fibre, starch, vitamins (A, B and C) and nitrogenous proteins. With all these good tips, you will wow the gallery with your magnificent flower garden!

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