The perfect turtleneck sweater: The 3 most important trends

The perfect turtleneck sweater
You won’t get cold with these turtlenecks

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If you’re still looking for the perfect turtleneck, GALA can help. We’ll show you how to keep stylishly warm in winter.

The lower the temperatures, the thicker the clothing. Layering is particularly popular in winter. A garment that belongs to the Layering Basics belongs is a turtleneck sweater. It not only keeps you warm all over your upper body, but also ensures that no cold air can penetrate through the neckline. Add the right scarf and a matching coat and you’re set protected from the next cold snap. But how do you find the perfect turtleneck sweater that isn’t too sweaty, doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing a sling around your neck, and doesn’t make you disappear from view? We have found the ideal turtlenecks that are guaranteed to get you through the cold season.

Sweater with a zip

Hardly any turtleneck sweater is like this practical like one with a zipper. If you get too warm, you can Turtleneck very easy turn into a normal sweater and still sees it stylish the end. You can wear almost anything with it: from a casual look with jeans to a (mini) skirt and a down coat over it, you can wear the practical pullovers everything worn will. The accessories are also important here, because you can do without necklaces, otherwise it looks too overloaded with the zipper. Instead, opt for solid-colored earrings, a subtle watch, and a pair of rings.

Classic turtlenecks

Classics always work, that’s why they bear this name after all. This includes turtleneck sweaters noble colors such as beige, cream white, gray or black. With stuff like Merino wool, cashmere or high-quality cotton keep these sweaters warm in winter and easy to style. All-black outfits with a turtleneck, for example, are always a bit more eye-catching and stylish – regardless of whether the sweater is tight-fitting or oversized. On beige sweater on the other hand, looks great with light tones and can be combined well with gold jewelry.

Colorful turtleneck sweater

May it be something in your closet more colourful being? That’s no problem this winter either, because the perfect turtleneck sweater has no fixed color. If you’re in the mood for something colorful, grab one Turtleneck in loud tones, otherwise you will look too pale in the wintry grey. Incidentally, monochromatic outfits also go well with eye-catching tones, as influencers prove again and again.

What does it take? An eye for the same tones. A color can always be either blue/pink-tinged or have a yellowish undertone. So only combine yellowish undertones with each other, just like with the blue/pink-tinged colors. A neon green sweater goes best with a darker green with a yellow undertone, with a bright blue you can choose a cool light blue for the pants, for example. Ultimately, it is important that consistent looks. To support the bright colors of the outfit, you can choose a gray or beige coat to wear over it. Black can sometimes blocky work because the contrast is too high.

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