The perpetrators were foreigners – 14-year-olds attacked by unknown youths

Two 14-year-old boys were attacked by two foreign young men in the state capital last Saturday. The police are asking for clues.

Two 14-year-old youths from Moosburg stayed in Klagenfurt at the main train station last Saturday (November 6th). “They wanted to go to the hairdresser in the city center from there, so they had cash in their pockets,” says a police officer. Attacked by strangers On the way to a grocery store in the station hall, the two boys were stopped by two strangers and asked in broken German to to give them money. “The unknown youngsters grabbed one of the two in the pocket of one of the pants and demanded money under threat of violence,” the police continued. The two then escaped from the station hall and then walked along Bahnhofstrasse towards the city center. Boys were attacked again They were again pursued by the foreign youths and caught up in Bahnhofstrasse. Again they were threatened and asked to give cash. Out of fear, the two handed over a total of ten euros in coins. Then the two perpetrators disappeared in the direction of the train station. two young men both had dark hair one was about 1.80 centimeters, the other 1.60 centimeters tall spoke broken German one of the two wore white-blue shoes and a small shoulder bag the smaller one wore a cap (color unknown) for fear of the The police said that the perpetrators were only reported to the police today.
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