The Peugeot 205 was the best-selling vintage car in France in 2022

A favorite of vintage car lovers, Peugeot 205 sales have jumped 42.6% since 2020. Rojo /

The market for cars over thirty years old remains in good shape, up slightly by 3.1%. For its 40th anniversary, the Peugeot 205 largely dominates the ranking.

The flagship model of the 1980s of the lion brand still has long teeth. The Peugeot 205 was the best-selling classic car (over 30 years old) in France in 2022, with more than 8,000 transactions (+ 15.5%), according to figures from the firm NGC-Data published Wednesday by L’Argus . “The Citroën 2CV remains one of the star models in the collection market. But its prices have also reached new heights, diverting enthusiasts on a budget to more accessible models.“, explains L’Argus in a press release, published on the occasion of the opening of the Retromobile show in Paris.

The little Peugeot 205, which celebrates its 40th anniversary in February, is an example of this, even more so in its affordable versions than in its sports versions (GTI, Rallye, etc.). A favorite of vintage car lovers, its sales have jumped 42.6% since 2020. However, it rarely remains registered in a collection. The 2CV ranks second with more than 6,000 sales, ahead of the Renault 4, the Volkswagen Golf, and the Renault 5. The Golf is also the best-selling convertible, while the queen of old sports cars is the Porsche 911, with its very long career. In Corsica and Reunion, the all-terrain Nissan Patrol takes the lead in the ranking. Among the Renaults, the Express utility recorded an astonishing score with more than 1,000 sales. “It’s a safe bet that it will interest craftsmen to allow them easier access to low-emission zones in the future.», notes L’Argus.

In total, sales of old cars increased by 3% in 2022, or 98,000 vehicles sold, on a second-hand market down slightly to 5.2 million cars. 30% of these old cars were registered with a collector’s registration document. This advantageous status (access to low emission zones, technical inspection every five years, etc.) is somewhat difficult to obtain since the models must be strictly original, in addition to tedious administrative procedures.

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