the pfizer biontech vaccine authorized in France

The European Medicines Agency has authorized the marketing of the vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech laboratories for Europe. A first step towards the vaccination campaign in France, hope against the pandemic.

The European Medicines Agency met on Monday, December 21, 2020 to give the green light to the distribution of the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine. It is the first vaccine to be authorized on European soil. The laboratory reports on 100% effectiveness against severe forms of Covid. The vaccine requires two injections. Part of the production is carried out in Monts in Indre-et-Loire. It can be stored at -20 ° C for six months then thirty days in the refrigerator.

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Once this step has been completed, it then requires validation from the European Commission in relation to this vaccine, which will then be validated by each state for distribution to its citizens. In France, it is the Haute Autorité de Santé, an independent scientific public authority, which will give its opinion on the implementation of vaccination.
The vaccination campaign is due to start on December 27, as it does across the European Union. It will be in priority the nursing staff and residents of EHPAD who will be entitled to be vaccinated.

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