The physical evolution of Stéphanie De Monaco since she was 7 years old: Current Woman The MAG

Stéphanie De Monaco is no ordinary princess. The mother of Louis and Pauline Ducruet (fruit of her love with Daniel Ducruet) as well as Camille Gottlieb (born of her relationship with Jean Raymond Gottlieb) does not have a very common princess career. In 1986, the youngest daughter of Rainier III and Grace Kelly knew a brief musical success thanks to his song Like a hurricane. The then 21-year-old woman lived "like another young girl of her age", as she explained to Thomas Sotto in 2015, at the microphone ofEurope 1. "Maybe I did things that people didn't expect because it's true that when we wrote fairy tales, there was no television, there was no music , there weren't many things. (…) I lived like a woman of my time. At every age that I crossed, I lived like another woman of my age or another young girl my age. "

Over the years, the Monegasque princess has changed a lot

From a young age, Stéphanie De Monaco has been a fan of the bangs. According to the times, the princess wore it in various ways: long, mid-length, unstructured, thick … In terms of coloring, the one who is celebrating her 56th birthday today appreciated radical changes during his youth. She notably went to blond in 2001. She was displayed at the time with sublime curls that perfectly hugged her face. In 2003, the famous Monegasque goes brown again: a color that she sports with sometimes straight, sometimes curly hairstyles. Haircut side, however, the princess has always remained faithful to short or mid-length cuts. Finally, in terms of makeup, Stéphanie De Monaco is an eternal fan rather sober beauty treatments, worthy of a real princess.

Stéphanie De Monaco: a beautiful and committed princess

Beyond her physique, Stéphanie De Monaco is known for her commitments, especially in the fight against AIDS. She is also the president of the association Fight Aids Monaco since 2004, a non-profit NGO.

Discover the physical evolution of Stéphanie De Monaco in pictures

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