the planet Mars enters Libra and some signs will not recover


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Since Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the planet Mars enters the sign of Libra; good or bad news for your profile?

If the planet Mars were to be personified, we would bet more on Terminator than on Monk. Symbol of strength, action, but also of moral and physical power, it is – obviously – the ruling planet of the sign of Aries. This Fire sign, the first born of the zodiac wheel, is known to carry out all its projects simultaneously, without ever worrying about the opinions of others … Unlike Libra. The latter is the opposite sign of Aries, in terms of placement as well as character.

But then, what happens when Mars (action-reaction) enters the sign of Libra (sensation-reflection)? In general for the whole of the zodiac, this astral placement can be summed up in one word: paradox. Between the desire to act quickly and the need to think intelligently, some decisions could be complicated to put in place during this period. But do not get me wrong, Mars in Libra is an incredible opportunity for some of us.

Astrology: what will be the advantageous signs (or not) by the placement of Mars in Libra?

Ruled by Venus, Libra is one of the most charming signs, but also the smartest. Yes, playing shoulders can be beneficial when asking someone for their benefit. This is precisely why Libra and Taurus (also represented by Venus) will benefit in their decision-making since Tuesday, September 14. Indeed, their intellect being boosted by the impulsiveness of Mars, there is something to give a boost to all their projects.

But for other signs, Libra’s passivity (if not almost “naivety”) will give rise to great frustration. We think in particular of Lions, Sagittarians (already weakened by the Full Moon in Virgo on September 21) and Capricorns. Their exchanges – especially professional ones – will not be without difficulty, and for good reason; they will tend to look down on those around them, seeing them as slackers.

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Astrology: Aries will be the most confused astrological sign during this period

Contrary to what one might think, Aries will not be at a disadvantage during this astral phase. Confused, maybe … But not at a disadvantage. Because if Libra is indeed his opposite, it brings him the peace and serenity that he sorely lacks.

Aries friends, your behavior could change completely (enough to disturb those around you) ; you take into account the opinions of others and above all, you think before acting. But unlike Libra and Taurus, try not to launch large-scale projects (such as repairs, improvements or a car or bike purchase), at least until the end of October. !

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