the players are putting pressure, Capcom is stuck

Towards a Dino Crisis Remake on PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC? Everything is possible and even more so after this enormous mobilization of fans. And according to an insider, Capcom has already studied the issue.

Capcom has no shortage of dormant licenses and has already expressed the desire to resurrect them, without citing concrete examples. But if you ask us, we would definitely see a return of Dino Crisis. After the success of Resident Evil remakes, the unconditional love devoted by some to dinosaurs, there is a clear niche to be taken. Especially since some studios are designing survival games, with dinos, like Deathground or Jurassic Park Survival. And above all, there is real excitement around a comeback of the Capcom franchise.

A new Dino Crisis game or a remake? No matter!

Last February, Capcom published a survey aimed at taking the temperature on the popularity of some of its sagas. Among the 10 suggested questions, the editor asked “Which of these series would you like to see a sequel or new game for? ». Among the possible choices, there were obviously absolutely massive licenses such as Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter… and Dino Crisis among others. A golden opportunity for fans to make themselves heard and demand the official return of Regina. The results are finally in, and as we can see in the image below, Dino Crisis is one of the elements that stood out the most with remake, Mega Man, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney…

And that only concerns more than 200,000 votes, to which must be added the silent minority but also the players who have been talking about Dino Crisis for years and who have not necessarily completed the survey. With such a plebiscite, Capcom cannot turn a deaf ear. Moreover, if we are to believe the journalist Jeff Grubb, the comeback of the saga would have been in the cards at one point…

Credits: Capcom.

A rumor is still going around

Why refer to it in the past? The man is not 100% sure that this is still relevant. This may still be a secret project, but it may also have evolved into Exoprimal. Capcom’s multiplayer game with big dinos and a heroine who is an almost exact copy of Regina.

From what I’ve heard, the return of Dino Crisis is something they’re considering, or working on. I heard this rumor before the Exoprimal announcement, and wondered if that was what I had been told. I wasn’t sure, but there’s always a chance that they are developing a Dino Crisis game. And since it would be two years, maybe we could see him soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case..

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Dino Crisis Remake or a new PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC game, do you also like it?

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