The police are on the lookout – two companies in the Oberwart district stolen

Two companies in Riedlingsdorf (Oberwart district) fell victim to burglars: diesel fuel was stolen from one and cash and various tools were stolen from the other.

During the night from duty to Wednesday, the unknown perpetrators gained access to a company in Riedlingsdorf and tapped five to six hundred liters of diesel from a truck parked there. At the same time, another company was broken into and there was a previously unknown amount of cash and various tools stolen. In addition, the burglars broke into three containers and took more tools and aluminum rims with them. The investigation is still ongoing The total damage is not yet known, the police investigation is still in progress: If there are observations or tips, the police station Pinkafeld asks to contact Pinkafeld on the number 059/133 1251.
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