the position of the tender lover, to warm up under the duvet all winter long

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Strong body contact and intensity, if you like somewhat sporty sexual positions that retain tenderness, the tender lover is the perfect combo!

We warn you right away, with the position of the tender lover, you will probably not always see the world right side up! To practice it, sit on a bed, as comfortably as possible. The person who is going to be penetrated lies on their back, legs bent, feet flat on the sheet (for now). The person with a penis (or a dildo), settles between the legs of his or her partner, seated, legs extended on the sides of the body of the person lying down. This is where the sporty part comes in! The person who will soon be required to penetrate the other place their hands under their partner’s buttocks, lifting their pelvis to bring it up to their sex. He then leans forward to allow a very complicit embrace.

This position does not offer great freedom of movement but promises a tender and intense part of the legs in the air. As in the position of the octopus, the penetration can be deep, and the letting go at the rendezvous for the person who is penetrated. Indeed, itThis position is perfect if you like to lose control. Your lover is in charge and he has plenty of time to kiss your belly, your breasts, caress you and hug you while he does it. This position can also be interesting without penetration. If the partner who is seated wishes, he can at any time raise the pelvis of his or her partner with a vulva a little higher. for inflamed cunnilingus !

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Who can please the position of the tender lover?

This position may appeal to you if you want to spice up your sex life, if you like to lose control and let yourself go under the duvet in love for a while. But also simply at a time when you want quite intense sex and tenderness at the same time. The position of the tender lover combines the two and will therefore be ideal! Be careful though, you just have to make sure you have a little flexibility, and avoid it if you or your partner is prone to back pain for example. Leaning forward for the person penetrating, and leaning back with the hips high for the one being penetrated can make this a difficult position to hold on the length. She might even become unpleasant. Besides this small contraindication, everyone can practice this position to warm up their winter evenings…

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