the position of the Wolf, to make love standing up without getting tired

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Deep penetration, G-spot stimulation and that where you want without getting tired… We tell you all about the union of the wolf, a fiery variant of doggy style to howl with pleasure under the light of the moon.

If you like spontaneous sex and unusual places, the position of the wolf, or union of the wolf, should please you! There is not much diversity in the positions for making love standing up, and for the vast majority, they do not really allow great comfort, or very practical penetration. This is where the so-called wolf position could be a game-changer! If you fancy standing sex, but also want to get your legs up in the air in as much comfort as possible: we explain how to achieve this position unjustly misunderstood of the Kamasutra.

To achieve the union of the wolf, the least we can say is that the partner who penetrates will have a beautiful view of the moon! This position is quite close to doggy style, lhe two lovers do not face each other. The one who is going to be penetrated stands in front, and arches forward. The idea is to provide a support in front of the couple (armchair, chair, shelf, bed, chest of drawers, etc.) in order to stay there during the act using your hands or your elbows, at the height of your choice. The lower you place this support, the sportier the position will be. For the more adventurous (and flexible) you can even place your hands on the ground in front of you for unforgettable antics. The person who penetrates then comes to stand behind his or her partner for a part of legs in the fiery air!

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What are the advantages of the union of the wolf position

In addition to being practical everywhere for a moment of torrid intimacy, the union of the wolf has other advantages. This is in particular a position that allows perfect G-spot stimulation. The angle of penetration is optimal to stimulate this point located on the anterior side of the vagina, touching from the inside of the bulbs of the clitoris to lead to orgasm. It is also a position that allows the penetrating partner to caress the other at will during the act.

There is however some contraindications to take into account before making the union of the wolf. This position allows a very deep penetration, which can be both very sought after by some people, and hated by others. If you have pain during intense penetration, this is not the most recommended position. Also, while it’s more comfortable than the majority of standing positions, like all of these, it can be a little tiring to hold for the length. Watch out for cramps!

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