The possibility of an iPhone 15 Pro without any physical button is becoming clearer

Apple is still trying to simplify the design of its iPhones. The iPhone 15 Pro, which shouldn’t be released before September 2023, could do away with the physical volume buttons, as well as the On/Off button, according to MacRumors.

An improved Taptic Engine

The information site specializing in Apple news has spotted a bundle of consistent clues that would confirm a rumor already mentioned by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last month. In a letter addressed to its shareholders, the company Cirrus Logic indicated that it “working with a strategic client [pour] release a new HPMS component in smartphones next year”. The acronym HPMS stands for High-Performance Mixed-Signal Chips and corresponds, among other things, to a chip embedded in the Taptic Engine of the iPhone.

This chip should arrive in the second half of next year, according to statements by the CEO of the company. A period which incidentally corresponds to the launch of the next iPhone. A note from analyst firm Barclays believes that this component could provide “additional drivers for the haptic engine”which would undoubtedly allow the mobile to emulate the operation of physical buttons.

Apple, specialist in fake buttons

This is far from the first time that Apple has taken on such a challenge. MacBooks have been using the Taptic Engine since 2015 to simulate clicks on the touchpad. The Apple Watch uses this component to provide the most natural vibrations possible. Even the iPhone SE has been using a “fake” central button since 2020. Switching entirely to fake buttons on an iPhone model would be a first for Apple, but would make it possible to invent new uses, in addition to making the phone easier to use. waterproof.

These virtual buttons could be reserved for the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max to differentiate them from the different ranges of phones.

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