“The post-partum for a third, it’s even more difficult”: Laure Manaudou confides

Laure Manaudou, mother of two girls, gave birth to a baby boy in January. Very discreet about her private life, the ex-swimmer shared her difficult postpartum on social networks via an Instagram story.

by Cécile Fischer

The postpartum period, the period after the birth of a child, is different for every mother. Sometimes pleasant, sometimes complicated. Some mothers live it very badly. Yes, giving birth and seeing your life completely turned upside down after having carried a little being in your womb for 9 months, that is quite a mess! And celebrities aren’t immune to complicated postpartums. Indeed, being depressed during your postpartum period is normal and it can affect anyone.

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Laure Manaudou, who gave birth to her third child in January 2021, a little boy, talks about her difficult postpartum in the caption of an Instagram story.

A discreet pregnancy


born 09/10/1986


The young woman had not shared the news of her childbirth on social networks. It was his companion and the baby’s dad, Jérémy Frérot, who announced the birth of the little boy whose name is not yet known, during an interview for Magic Mom. The mother of Manon, Lou and the little boy gave birth vaginally, and at home. Without epidural and with the help of a midwife, Laure Manaudou experienced a very special childbirth.

On Saturday March 20, the former professional swimmer shared a photo of her and her son on social networks, something the mother does quite rarely. On the selfie, – where we see Laure Manaudou smiling, with her baby in her arm – we can read the following message: “Thank you filters for removing dark circles, the remains of tears, fatigue … The post-partum of a third is even more difficult. Don’t think it’s easier in other people“. In all transparency, the young woman reveals a deep feeling. The fact of being depressed in the middle of the postpartum period does not mean that a mother does not love her child. It is not because she is smiling that she is not, either. she does not get depressed All this is normal!