“The President of climate inaction”: in Strasbourg, Jadot continues his indictment against Macron

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After a vindictive intervention against the Head of State in the European Parliament on Wednesday morning, Yannick Jadot spoke again in the evening at a meeting to appeal to young people.

“Humanity is in danger.” It is the murmur of a child who welcomes the public in the Aubette room in the historic center of Strasbourg on Wednesday evening. Electronic music, spotlights of green light: for this second edition of the “Forum of Possibilities”, Yannick Jadot played the immersion card in his own way. On a large green background with the inscription “Jadot 2022”, the elected environmentalist comes to carry his presidential campaign in the Alsatian capital, and especially European. Because if the color green is predominant in the decor and among the flags of the militants, the starry blue also has its place.

Surrounded by many French and European allies, including the new mayor of the city, Jeanne Barseghian, the environmental MEP launches into his second speech of the day, presenting himself as the only candidate capable of acting properly in the face of the climate crisis. , on both a French and European scale. “This election will tell if France finally engages in general mobilization, puts all its public policy means to win the climate battle. And if it’s not us, it won’t happen,” he declares.

“The scientific reality of the great warming”

A few hours earlier at the European Parliament, Yannick Jadot had warmed up to …

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