The price of Bbox subscriptions is increasing again, Google now offers a paid Premium version of Chrome, this is the recap of the week

Bouygues Telecom increases its prices for no apparent reason, Google lifts the veil on Chrome Enterprise Premium, managing bank cards in Google Wallet is simplified, this is the recap of the week.

Good news, Google finally offers a paid Premium version of its browser. While the Google Wallet application is updated and simplifies the user experience, Bouygues Telecom increases the prices of its Bbox subscription and Enedis warns that Linky meter fraud could inflate the electricity bills of all customers.

San Francisco dreams of seeing its metro modernize

For 26 years, the San Francisco subway has operated every day using 3 floppy disks. If the system works well, as Metro Director Jeffrey Tumlin assures, its lifespan is estimated at 25 years. However, no modernization seems planned in the program and the American city fears failures and the risk of data degradation.

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Linky meter traffic could have an impact on your electricity bills

Linky meter fraud continues to increase, despite warnings and threats of sanctions from Enedis. Unfortunately, this meter tampering could have repercussions on the electricity bills of all customers, even the most honest ones. Indeed, the Tariff for the Use of Public Electricity Networks (TURPE) could increase to compensate for “non-technical losses” which include energy theft.

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Bbox subscribers see the price of their subscription increase further

While several French operators seem to be revising their price lists, Bouygues Telecom has taken action by increasing the price of its Bbox subscription. Subscribers therefore learned in an email that their monthly subscription was increasing by 2 euros per month without any compensation. Please note that subscribers have the right to terminate their contract free of charge within four months of sending this email.

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The next Google Wallet update will include a very practical feature

Managing bank cards in Google Wallet should soon become easier for users. Indeed, a new feature is currently being deployed and will allow access to payment cards from the smartphone screen via a shortcut. A very practical function for users who have several registered cards. We do not yet know the launch date of this update but we will keep you informed.

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Chrome Enterprise Premium: an even more secure browser

Google knows that businesses are often threatened when they browse the internet. To provide additional protection, Google now offers a paid Premium version rich in advanced security features. Businesses will now be able to control site permissions, extension blocks, forced updates, and will be better protected against malware.

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Our tests of the week

Xiaomi Smart Band 8 Pro: solid arguments for a low price

Xiaomi offers here a connected bracelet with multiple strengths for a price of less than 70 euros. The Smart Band 8 Pro combines style and comfort with its attractive thin and light design. During our test, we were pleasantly surprised by its autonomy, its new Racing mode, its GPS and its tracking of numerous activities. Please note, you will not find an application store there and you will not be able to respond to SMS messages.

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Hyundai Ioniq 5N: we were won over!

Hyundai offers here a cheeky electric car that is very pleasant to drive. If the seats in the back are unfortunately not comfortable, we love its roof lining, its central console, its unique steering wheel reminiscent of that of a racing car and its powerful battery which allows the Ioniq 5N to travel up to 448km on a full one.

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OnePlus 12: good value for money despite a small price increase

We regret that the price has increased compared to its predecessor, but we must admit that the OnePlus 12 remains an excellent product sold for less than 1000 euros. We were once again won over by its pretty design, its impeccable finishes and its beautiful materials. Battery life is up, the screen is bright and charging is very fast. During our test, we were pleased to see that there are almost no commercial applications in the interface and that apart from the ultra wide angle module, the photos are of better quality.

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