the prices of non-food products are also exploding

Like meat, bread or milk, non-food products are also affected by the rise in prices. Coffee machines and electric kettles, for example, saw their prices increase by 17.2%.

Inflation exceeded 6% in July. A price increase that affects all sectors. The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (Insee) shows a 28.5% increase over one year in the price of electricity, gas and other fuels, and 6.3% of non-food products and drinks. alcoholics.

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The small appliance suffers a 7% increase

Non-food products are not spared, and in particular small electrical appliances, the increase of which amounts to 7% over one year. Among the most affected devices are the coffee machines and electric kettles (+17.2%), and toasters (+13.7%)according to the consumer price index published by INSEE.

Come next irons, coffee grinders and juice extractors whose prices increase respectively by 5.9 and 6.1%. Refrigerators and Freezers are not to be outdone: their prices move upwards from 8%.

The rise in the price of small electrical appliances is part of the overall context of the disorganization of maritime transport on a global scale and the rise in production costs passed on to prices. These products are also affected by a shortage of electronic components, analyzes Sbastien Faivre, head of the consumer price division at INSEE.

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According to a ranking presented by the echoes, garden furniture and DIY tools also saw a sharp increase: +11.6% for the former and +10.5% for the latter. Furnishing your interior is also more expensive (+7.5%) this year.

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Also according to INSEE data, the category of leisure and cultural goods also saw a significant price increase. Examples include scanners and printers, whose prices increased by 9.8% over one year, or products for pets (+7.3% over one year). In the stationery department, prices are up 10% between June 2021 and June 2022. Fortunately, the back-to-school allowance is also increasing this year by 4%.

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