The pros of Fortnite, already angry by the new season of Chapter 3

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The pros of Fortnite, already angry by the new season of Chapter 3



If the new season of Fortnite has been applauded with both hands by casual players, this is not the case among the pros, who denounce an almost impractical meta, and competitions still marred by bugs and cheating.

Hailed by ordinary people as being an overall successful season, this first episode of Chapter 3 of Fortnite is already putting professional players on the verge of a nervous breakdown. While Spider-Man’s map change and new gloves keep the masses entertained, the discontent rises among the competitors, who feel trapped in the meta “spam”, with still powerful submachine guns.

This Monday was the first Cash Cup of the year 2022, and it gave rise to a deluge of criticism on social networks.

The malaise of the professional community stems primarily from the omnipotence of short-range submachine guns. While the pros once stood out in boxfight by the handling of the shotguns type SPAS, which requires precision and speed of execution, one attends in the current season to the spam generalized to the PM. The players empty their magazines as they move forward, and the counterplay to PM-based assaults is very meager. Not to say non-existent.

It’s all the more frustrating for the pros because the dangerousness of meta spam was immediately diagnosed from the first days of the season, at the beginning of December. Epic Games had quickly nerfed the AR MK 7 … without touching the PM.

With the resumption of the Fortnite Champion Series scheduled for February 2022, it is to be hoped that Epic Games takes seriously the fears of pro players, already worn out by the meta as the competitive season has only just begun.

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