The PS5 has been hacked

A flaw has been found in the PlayStation 5. According to initial information, its potential is difficult to exploit.

That’s wonderful », announces Lance McDonald in a tweet posted on October 3. The man who is known for improving the fluidity of video games Bloodborne on PS4 (in an unofficial way), is delighted today to share a video where we see a PS5 being the victim of a hack. This means that a flaw has been found in Sony’s latest console, which has been on the market since November 2020. The PlayStation 5 had already been targeted a year later.

According to the video, the hack gives access to a menu debug — normally reserved for developers —, paving the way for additional features. For example, Lance McDonald managed to recover the demo PT when it is no longer available. Potentially, other files may be installed on the PS5 which is not allowed at all under normal usage.

The PS5 controller. // Source: Numerama

The PS5 has been hacked, but…

Be careful, the fact that the PS5 has been hacked does not mean that everyone will be able to easily hack video games in the near future, in order to play without paying anything (like in the good old days of the first PlayStation). the jailbreak (a flaw that breaks the development barriers imposed by the manufacturer) in question seems very limited for multiple reasons.

Already, the flaw is only functional on PS5s with firmware 4.03 (dating from October 2021). It is likely to be used on earlier versions. On the other hand, it would be more complicated for the most recent ones.

Moreover, the fault is very unstable: “ It only works 30% of the time. If you try to exploit it, don’t give up, sometimes it takes several tries “, can we read on the Wololo site. In short, it is difficult to master, even for those who are comfortable with tools for hijacking operating systems.

Finally, the jailbreak allows you to install files, but not to run them – which means that you cannot play a video game installed on the console through this method. For the moment, there is nothing to worry about Sony, as long as the jailbreak, which remains a feat worth highlighting, will only be of interest to a handful of curious elitists. We remember all the same that the consoles of the Japanese firm have a heavy liability with the universe of jailbreak. The PS5 is no exception to the rule.

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