The PS5 Pro soon to be made official, Sony puts pressure on developers

Sony has officially launched the general uproar regarding the famous PS5 Pro. So serious things finally seem to be coming to fruition.

Scheduled for later this year, the PS5 Pro is now the subject of Sony’s full attention. The Japanese giant would have asked developers to prepare their games for the imminent arrival of this highly anticipated console. Especially when it comes to exploiting its significantly reinforced technical sheet compared to the basic model.

All Sony rays are focused on the PS5 Pro

Rumors have been circulating about the PS5 Pro for several months now. Its technical sheet, the most important element of the console, had notably leaked. On paper, this new model will therefore offer a much more powerful GPU than the vanilla PS5, as well as a slightly faster CPU. The objective behind these improvements is in particular to ensure better ray tracing rendering. On this point, its architecture would indeed allow results three times better than those of the basic version. The other point on which the Pro should please fans of fluidity: greater reliability when it comes to displaying games at 60 FPS.

While it will soon join the Slim in the stocks of certified sellers, Sony is giving a severe push to prepare for its arrival. Developers have indeed started to receive test kits in order to adapt their games to the improved capabilities of the PS5 Pro. According to the very well informed Tom Warren, the Japanese firm expects that the proper functioning of each game tested on this new console must be certified before August. Suffice to say that the studios concerned have their work cut out for them to meet this deadline. By extension, this means that we would be entitled to a proper presentation of the long-awaited console in August or early September.

Can PS5 players waiting for Pro sleep soundly? ┬ęSony

A console that should live up to expectations

Let us remember in this regard that Sony has put in place real specifications to label games as being fully compatible with the PS5 Pro. They must in fact integrate three elements to deserve this status. Namely an upscale to 4K, 60 constant FPS and the addition or increase of ray tracing effects. Particular attention is therefore paid to this last point. This very demanding feature introduced in 2018 could finally take its full place on consoles.

In addition to a clear improvement in this area, fluidity should also be there on PS5 Pro. In addition to a more powerful GPU and a faster CPU, its memory will also be improved. All of this put together will allow the upscaling method used by the console to fully fulfill its role. As a reminder, PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution is inspired by DLSS and uses machine learning to improve framerate and image quality. While waiting for the next-gen consoles, the PS5 Pro could therefore tick all the boxes for demanding players. It now remains to know its release date, and especially its price. We bet we’ll learn more very soon.

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