The purple blush is a hit on TikTok, how to wear it?


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Using a purple blush would never have occurred to us before; and yet, after having watched several make-up videos highlighting the beauty of this product on TikTok, we are tempted to try it out. The advice of a make-up artist to wear it well.

There are beauty products that we don’t really dare extravagantly with: the mascara we always wear black, the bronzer we choose brown, or the blush we buy only pink. For the blush, we shy away from all the other shades that can look pretty scary. Yet the purple blush begins to make a place for itself in the makeup world. Unsurprisingly, the trend emerged on TikTok.

First, it’s the brand Fenty Beauty who shared on Instagram in mid-October a close-up photo of her Cheeks out Freestyle cream blush in Drama cla $$, an intense purple. The product is hot but can indeed be frightening. Purple blush, you have to be daring … and we can count on the audacity of TikTok influencers to test for us the rendering of the famous blush. And the least we can say is that the result is surprising! @MissDarcei has proven that purple highlights darker skin perfectly; but not only since @miabgalvan used the purple blush on lighter skin and the result is just as cannon.

A blush that adapts to everyone?

So purple blush would adapt to all skin tones? Well the answer is yes! American makeup artist Zoe james confirmed it in an interview with the magazine Glamor UK. “purple is an excellent color for the vast majority of skin types, but especially for those with a golden undertone”. The make-up artist also specifies that you have to be careful when choosing to use a purple blush because it can stain quite easily and appear very “hard” on the face. For once, the result will not be really natural and discreet. However, purple remains according to her “a fabulous color to use as a blush if applied correctly”. In short, therefore, purple blush is a makeup trend that is mainly aimed at people who have golden skin. Also, for a nice result, we recommend applying it using a large powder brush type which presents rather long and very flexible hairs. The material can thus be applied delicately, sparingly. Bluffing result guaranteed!

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