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The quarantine flat share: improvised show is now out of the program

"The quarantine flat share" has failed. The improvised prime-time show with Günther Jauch (63), Thomas Gottschalk (69) and Oliver Pocher (42) will be canceled by the private broadcaster RTL after only three episodes. The broadcaster said that it is now taking. The reason for this is apparently the poor ratings.

The virtual flat share, which was dedicated to the video chat of the corona pandemic, started well on Monday (March 23) with 3.27 million viewers, ages three and up, and a market share of 13.1 percent among 14-59 year olds . But after just three episodes yesterday, Wednesday (March 25th), only 1.41 million people and 5.4 percent of the 14-59 year olds watched the show.

Not hit the nerve of the audience

According to RTL, the show, which was quickly pounded out of the ground, was only planned until March 27th. Nevertheless, the ripcord was already pulled, since the interest in it had obviously evaporated very quickly, as RTL entertainment chief Kai Sturm must admit: "Together with Günther Jauch, Thomas Gottschalk, Oliver Pocher and the dedicated colleagues at i & u, we were the first to who have responded to the current crisis with a new, experimental format. Even if we have not been able to hit the nerve of the viewer with the quarantine flat share in this extraordinary time, it spurs us on to remain creative and spontaneous. "

In a joint statement, the protagonists also let them know: "For us it was a spontaneous experiment that we were very happy to take part in."

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