The radio at the cinema: tune in to the airwaves of this quiz to try the faultless!

In the studios, in front of the microphones or in front of the radio, there will be a bit of all that in this quiz devoted to radio in the cinema. Nine films to recognize to try to achieve the Perfect!

Like some films taking place in the world of theater boards and backstage, such as François Truffaut’s The Last Metro, or others taking us to television sets such as Sidney Lumet’s Network, cinema s is also interested in the world of radio.

In 1987, Barry Levinson directed Good Morning Vietnam with the late Robin Williams as the headliner. The actor plays Adrian Cronauer, a radio presenter transferred to Saigon in the middle of the Vietnam War, who, with his exuberant style, his wacky and sometimes corrosive humor, delights the GIs of the base, but will quickly come up against his hierarchical superiors. who taste only modestly his quirky style.

In France, it was the director Patrice Leconte who brought together on screen Jean Rochefort and Gérard Jugnot – without his mustache and in a role far removed from the comedies that had made him popular (Les Bronzés, Papy fait de la Résistance) – for Tandem, released in 1987.

The film is freely inspired by the famous radio game Le Jeu des Mille Francs, which here becomes La Langue au chat, with Jean Rochefort in the role of the host, and Jugnot in that of his assistant who decides to hide the sad news from him. he has just learned, the announcement of the end of this legendary 25-year-old show.

And more recently, in 2012, the film Radiostars featured Clovis Cornillac, Manu Payet, Douglas Attal and Pascal Demolon, as radio hosts of the morning Breakfast Club, setting off on the roads of France to try to breathe new life into a program losing speed.

On the occasion of World Radio Day, we offer you a quiz with nine radio scenes in films. So tune into the right frequency to try to achieve faultless!

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