the rate of Vivaccio life insurance multiplied by two

Vivaccio, the euro-denominated fund in La Banque Postale’s consumer range, which is now closed for marketing, will see its yield boosted by 1.30% net of management fees in 2022. The rate rises to 1.40% for the new Cashmere 2 contract Series 2, which takes over from Vivaccio as a consumer contract.

It had fallen to its lowest level last year. Vivaccio, the euro fund in the consumer range of La Banque Postale, closed for marketing in November, saw its 2022 yield increase significantly. From 0.65% net of management fees, it went 1.30%.

A substantial increase in the wake of announcements unveiled since the beginning of the year by the competition. Faced with Livret A, the rate of which rose from 0.5% in January 2022 to 3% since Wednesday, market players had to react to prevent their customers from turning away from life insurance. At 1.30%, Vivaccio’s rate has therefore been doubled, but it remains at the bottom of the pack if we compare it with the rest of the sector.

BanksFlagship contractRates 2021Max bonus 2021Rates 2022Max bonus 2022
People’s BankHorizon 20.75%1.10%1.45%2.70%
BNP ParibasBNP Paribas Multiinvestments1.10%1.65%2%2.95%
Savings BankMillevie Essential 20.75%1.45%2.18%
CICEssential Life Insurance Plan1.10%1.60%2.10%2.75%
Credit AgricolePredissime 9 series 20.65%1.45%1.90%2.70%
Mutual CreditEssential Life Insurance Plan1.10%1.60%2.10%2.75%
Credit Mutuel ArkaNavig’Options0.85%1.20%1.70%2%
The postal bankCashmere 2 Series 21.40%2.80%
LCLLCL Life1.05%1.85%2.30% *3.10% *
Societe GeneraleEssential Maple and Squoia0.75%1.84%1.95%
(average rate)

Société Générale communicates an average rate, and not a base rate, which makes any comparison impossible with other brands.
* Rate for 0.60% management fees, these fees varying according to the contracts.

La Banque Postale encourages its customers to convert their Vivaccio contract

Customers holding Vivaccio are encouraged to transfer their contract free of charge to the Cashmere 2 Serie 2 contract, a range historically reserved for more affluent customers but which is now open to the widest range of savings. Cashmere 2 Series 2 euro fund rate of return is 1.4%. This can even reach 2.80% from 40% of units of account held in the contract. It should be noted that these units of account are risky vehicles because they do not benefit from the capital guarantee, unlike funds in euros.

The 2022 rates of the main euro funds La Banque Postale

  • Vivaccio Euros: 1.30% (0.65% in 2021);
  • Cashmere 2: 1.40% 2.80% according to UA share (0.85% 1.70% in 2021);
  • Kashmir Heritage: 1.50% 3% (0.95% 1.9% in 2021);
  • Easyvie (Easybourse): 1.60% 3.20% (compared to 1.1% 2.20% in 2021);
  • Cashmere PER: 1.60% 3.20% (compared to 12% in 2021).

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