the real technique to (finally) hang your garlands correctly

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To hang your garlands correctly in the Christmas tree, there is a simple rule. And believe us, it will completely change the look of your tree.

Every year it’s the same ritual. On the first weekend of December, you take the box containing your Christmas decorations out of the basement or attic, and you spend a long time hanging up the balls, wooden animals, Santa’s elves and other glitter snowflakes that it contains. If you space the balls with an almost mathematical rigor, you probably put your garlands a little less carefully. However, know that for put tinsel in a Christmas tree correctly, there is a solution. And whether you have a real tree, or an artificial tree.

It’s not about making concentric circles around the tree like you’ve probably been doing for decades. In fact, to correctly hang light garlands in a tree, it is necessary lay them in “W”. Start from the top, go down to the bottom, go back up, shifting slightly to the side and so on. We tested this pro trick, and we must recognize that it is revolutionary. The result is impeccable, and you will realize it afterwards, much easier to undo.

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A Christmas tree worthy of store windows

This trick is actually used by professionals who make Christmas trees for department stores and other luxury store windows every year. When lit, the garlands come thus cover almost without interstice all the tree, offering a perfect and harmonious visual rendering. For a tree truly worthy of the greatest decorators, choose up to two colors, and a single strong dominant color (blue, orange, red, or even pink), which you associate with a more neutral color such as gold, silver, white or pine green. Finally, remember that too much is the enemy of good. Don’t overload your tree of decorations, let it breathe.

PS: Certainly, the light garlands in the trees are very pretty, and the temptation to let them illuminate your living room all night is great. But in a logic of energy saving, remember to turn them off.

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