The reason you're always going to want to use a heat protection spray on your hair: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Many people have a habit of regularly using a hair dryer and / or straightener on a daily basis. Applying oil for shine after styling is a common practice, but, applying a good thermal protector before starting is often overlooked. However, this product offers several different advantages: it is not only essential for the protection of the hair fiber (by preventing hair breakage), but also for making a hairstyle last longer. It acts like a real protective barrier (which is released when the hair is heated with heat).

How to apply a thermoprotective spray on the hair?

The application of the thermal protector sometimes gives rise to a lot of doubts. Preferably, this product should be used on damp hair, before using a heating tool. The best method to apply it is to divide her hair in 4, before applying it evenly to these 4 parts. People with thin and short hair can apply less, so as not to weigh down their hair. Then all you have to do is dry and shape your strands, as usual. As a reminder, this product should not be applied to the hairline. If you plan to use a heating device again a few hours later, it is best to reapply it.

On Instagram, a video about it is all the rage

To demonstrate the effectiveness of heat-protective sprays, a famous hairdresser named Samantha Cusick shared a rather impressive video on Instagram. The young woman places a metal stencil on a slice of sandwich bread, on which she sprays spray. She then places this slice in the toaster and when she takes it out, surprise: the part that was sprayed with the spray did not toast. Incredible, right?

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