The Red Bracelets: how did Noah Deric (Nathan) prepare to play a blind character?

Season 4 of the series “The Red Bracelets” tells the adventures of a new generation of adolescents, including Nathan, who lost his sight following an accident. How did Noah Deric, his interpreter, prepare to play a blind character?

Season 4 of Red Bracelets, which continues this Monday, September 18 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1, features a new generation of adolescents, as well as several new pathologies, including blindness, told through the character of Nathan, played by Noah Deric .

Transported to Arcachon hospital following a surfing accident, Nathan, who almost drowned, discovered when he woke up that he had lost his sight. A difficult journey begins for him, during which he will have to learn to live with his new reality. Without realizing that the young man who shares his room, Gabriel (Noé Wodecki), is far from being a stranger to him. And that Gabriel would have preferred to never see the person who helped make his life hell in high school.

“Nathan is a follower teenager, easily influenced, but who has a huge amount of empathy. At first glance, we can easily take him for a “little idiot” who takes pleasure in hurting people, but the situation is more complex”confided Noah Deric in an interview with TF1 about season 4 of Red Bracelets.

“If he acts badly, it’s only to be accepted by his group of friends. He has a special relationship with his family, in particular with his father who has great ambitions for his son. Perhaps a little too much… Nathan is sorely lacking in character, so he has difficulty asserting himself and his father’s choices quickly become his own.”.


Noah Deric shares how he prepared to play blind Nathan

Previously seen in Un Si Grand Soleil, actor Noah Deric is not blind. He therefore had to practice before his scenes in Les Bracelets rouge in order to bring as much realism as possible to his score.

“Obviously, the scenes in which Nathan wears dark glasses were easier to understand”Noah Deric told us last March at Séries Mania. “The real challenge was the scenes without the glasses. It’s not easy to play someone blind. We wanted to get as close as possible to reality and to what a person who has just lost eyesight. For this, I was lucky to have the help of a coach with whom I talked a lot and with whom I found little tips”.

“To train, I put a blindfold on my eyes and I walked around my house with it, it helped me a lot. I spent hours in total darkness, I tried to recognize the objects around me by with the help of touch, and I ate with a blindfold over my eyes. The goal was to create a new familiar world for myself. There were two small accidents I think, but overall it worked out. I wanted to be able to be ready when I arrived on set, so I could concentrate solely on the game”.

Will Nathan regain his sight in the next episodes? And how will her relationship with Gabriel evolve? Answer in the continuation of Red Bracelets every Monday on TF1.

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