the relative of Emmanuel Macron mother, she reveals the very symbolic first name of her baby

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Aurore Bergé, the young French deputy, is a mother for the first time at the age of 35. It is with happiness that she shares on her Instagram account the birth of her baby, whose name and sex she reveals.

A new life in the Bergé family, indeed the young deputy and president of the Renaissance group in the National Assembly, Aurore Bergé has just welcomed her first child. It was this Monday, October 31 that the young woman posted on her Instagram account a magnificent snapshot of her daughter to announce her delivery as well as her first name: Victoire. The one who had already confided that her delivery was scheduled for the end of October in the columns of Gala was not mistaken!

Enthusiastic when it comes to her work, the young woman confided in this same interview that she would not waste time returning to work after giving birth even if she wanted to enjoy her baby and her first weeks of maternity. The young deputy remains quite lucid about the arrival of a little baby in her life, she had also confided on this subject: “Each does as she can or wants. This is not a trivial event in a lifetime and I will not endanger my baby’s health or mine.“.

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In this great adventure, the young French politician close to Emmanuel Macron can obviously count on his companion Gregory Besson-Moreau, also deputy for Aube, to support him. This dad for the third time, he already has two little girls aged 5 and 7 is a real ally for the young woman, because he already knows how to go about it: “We’ll both adapt“.

The couple had met during Emmanuel Macron’s first five-year term on the benches of the National Assembly: “My companion was a deputy with me in the previous mandate. That’s how we met. Nothing very original really. We spend a lot of time in the Assembly. It sometimes creates great stories“ she said during her interview with Gala. It only remains for us to wish them our congratulations on the arrival of the pretty Victoire.

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