the renegotiation threshold for contracts set this Friday

The threshold for renegotiation of electricity supply contracts for craftsmen will be set on Friday afternoon during a meeting in Bercy with energy companies and should be “around 300 euros” per megawatt-hour, the minister delegate said on Friday. SMEs, Olivia Grégoire.

This threshold will depend on the reference price of the CRE (Energy Regulation Commission), declared the minister on BFMTV, adding that the average indicator prices set in the third quarter of 2022 are around 300 euros per megawatt-hour.

This is the purpose of the meeting we have at 4:15 p.m., to specify the quantified threshold from which we will be able to legitimately renegotiate our contract, she added.

President Emmanuel Macron announced on Thursday that all craftsmen and very small businesses (TPE, less than ten employees) could renegotiate excessive energy supply contracts according to terms yet to be defined.

Mrs. Grgoire conceded that some small energy companies may have difficulty selling below the threshold price. The meeting will serve to ensure that those who have bought at very high prices do not end up, in terms of cash, on the ground, she explained.

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This will be the subject of the long meeting that we will have with the producers, but also the energy dealers, specified the minister.

There is also another weapon that remains to us and (the Minister of the Economy) Bruno Le Maire has already said it to the energy suppliers: either they align themselves with what we have said and they start the renegotiation on contracts that are beyond the CRE tariff, or we have one weapon left, which is taxation, with the possibility of an amending finance bill (PLFR) where we will increase the taxes on energy specialists, threatened the minister.

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