The return of motherhood

Unfortunately, there are no instructions for your new role as parents, but a few tips will probably help you better cope with this strange moment when you cross the threshold of your home, happy, but worried …

Baby has arrived, everything has gone well (or almost …) and you are back home. Material level, you are at the point: decorating the room took you time (and money), but you are rather happy with the result, you have your stock of diapers for a year and the house is fully equipped for finally welcome baby, car included. But when it gets tough, it's day-to-day, and many of you feel a bit confused and … lonely!

What pace to take?

The best pace to take is your baby's. To withstand the shock of repeated nocturnal awakenings, take advantage of the respite moments of the day to rest. Use the moment of the nap to lie down for a few moments to regain all your strength. Do not hesitate to take turns to keep the protagonists in shape!

Feed your child as soon as he shows the first signs of hunger, to prevent the baby from feeling fussy. Also remember to change your baby regularly by washing his bottom with soap and water. This good habit will limit the risk of diaper rash. If you are not at home, you can use baby wipes which will do just fine. Prefer soft ones for your skin, without aggressive products.

Finally, to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as irritated buttocks, spills and other layers that open after a few movements of the baby, use diapers adapted to his sensitive skin and equipped with an anti-leakage system, such as diapers. Lotus Baby Natural Touch. This dermatologically tested range (without lotion, dye or perfume), will accompany baby throughout the day, so that he does not feel any discomfort. A time saver that will make your life even easier!

Don't overdo it

Don't hunt down any dust like your nemesis. On the contrary, your baby needs these bacteria to build his own natural defenses. Your mental and physical health is far more important than cleaning and washing up the dishes. So review your priorities! The house doesn’t have to be always nickel and baby doesn’t need to have their layettes ironed!

Forget the neatness and tidy for a while to favor simplicity and practicality. Anything that you can do lying down or sitting up rather than standing up is fine. "It is about establishing a real discipline of life based on the law of the least effort," says journalist Catherine Sandner. Caring for a newborn baby is already a full-time activity, so you don't have to add unnecessary household chores. The main thing is to optimize the ratio of "energy expended vs benefits obtained".

Don't be alone – get help

Once back home, some new mothers who find themselves isolated from the moment their other half returns to work suffer from loneliness, which is the number one cause of postnatal depression. It is therefore important to try to create a network so as not to be alone for 8 hours in a row with baby. Ask your partner, family and friends for little favors that will make your life a lot easier.

Don't hesitate to delegate, don't play the "total control" super mom, you won't be able to do it all, and that's okay! Also think about institutional support such as home visits by a liberal midwife or even night care (good idea for a birth gift, around 40 euros).

There are also mutual aid associations where several young mothers meet to discuss their experiences, their difficulties and their tips.

Follow your instinct

Despite the abundance of books and manuals that you have studied closely, there are times when you do not know how to react. The best solution then is to follow your heart. Take a step back from anything the books have told you and listen to your gut feelings. Everyone has their own opinion on this, and if you start to listen to everyone, you haven't left the hostel!

Choose one or two people with whom to discuss your concerns, they will be attentive ears without claiming to have the solution to your anxieties.

Trust yourself and be tolerant of yourselves, it is not a crime to let baby cry for a few more minutes! You also have the right to make mistakes, don't try to strive for the ideal of the perfect parent.

Baby, but not that …