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In an interview with Paris Match, Philippe Maneuver evokes the will of Johnny Hallyday. New revelations that are puzzling.

On December 5, 2017, Johnny Hallyday died of lung cancer. In the columns of Paris Match, the journalist Philippe Maneuver returned to his ties of friendship with the rocker, on the occasion of this tragic anniversary. The opportunity to talk about his last memories alongside the Taulier: “We have often and at length mentioned David and Laura. Johnny was very angry with himself for not having been able to raise them on a daily basis“He said. He also assured that if Johnny Hallyday moved to Los Angeles, it was partly to be closer to his son.

Impossible when we mention the death of Johnny Hallyday not to think about his will, which tore his family apart for several years. “He no doubt sometimes thought of the end, as he had drawn up his will just before the tour. I am amazed“, explained Philippe Maneuver. And to add:”He said to me: “I made good decisions, my children will not miss anything”. I have the band …“These disturbing revelations, when we know the legal battle around the inheritance, which followed the singer’s disappearance.

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The saga of the legacy of Johnny Hallyday

Johnny Hallyday’s will provided for his wife, Laeticia Hallyday, and their two daughters, Jade and Joy, to inherit the rocker’s fortune. But the singer’s elders, David Hallyday and Laura Smet contested this decision, arguing that French law does not allow parents to totally disinherit their children. After years of war, the two parties finally came to an agreement.

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