The Rhysidia gang claims the attack against the territorial collectivity of Martinique

The Rhysida ransomware gang has just claimed responsibility for the computer attack against the Territorial Collectivity of Martinique. As noted by the DataBreaches site, this recently emerged group of cybercriminals has pinned the French community on its site. We do not know precisely the exact nature of the data revealed by the malicious hackers. The latter notably shared examples of identity documents, such as national cards or passports, or even quotes.

Reduced number of servers

The Overseas community had been the victim in mid-May of a computer attack described as significant, which had resulted in “total paralysis” of computer systems. “All services are impacted”, was within the community, assisted by a dozen agents from Anssi, according to the “La Première” portal.

The impact had however been “limited”, assured the community, specifying that a “reduced number of servers” had been reached. It thus specified a few days later that it had implemented its continuity plan to “ensure essential activities”. This is the sixth computer attack suffered by the overseas community since 2022.

Appeared in May

Reported for the first time in the last month, the Rhysida gang, a reference to centipedes, first came to notice with the launch of its portal for negotiations with victims. According to SentinelOne, the gang deploys its ransomware via Cobalt Strike software, one of cybercriminals’ favorite security tools, and uses, quite traditionally, phishing methods to trick users.

His ransom notes, PDF files, shared by security researchers mention compromises and data leaks that could be solved by going to their secure site. The message even includes courtesies, a funny way of legitimizing the extortion attempt.

“Currently, campaigns [malveillantes] do not appear to be specific or targeted,” SentinelOne also notes. The territorial community of Martinique is the fourth organization to be pinned on the gang’s hunting board, after an English school group, a Swiss company specializing in chemistry and an Australian laboratory.

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