the right reflexes to adopt to avoid problems during the summer holidays

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The summer holidays are fast approaching and with that the relaxation of the routines duly installed during the year. So what about the child’s sleep? Do we not risk breaking this well-established ritual by allowing our children to get up or go to bed a little later? Not necessarily ! We explain the right actions to adopt!

Although this is not the case for all children, breaking a sleep routine or sleeping in an unusual place can disrupt your toddler’s sleep. Lyliane Nemet-Pier, a psychologist and psychoanalyst from the Boris Cyrulnik Early Childhood Institute has also confirmed this element: “ Some children—like some adults, for that matter—have trouble sleeping well outside of their beds. However, if their parents or caregivers are happy to be there, they will adapt better.. The more a child grows, the more comfortable he feels sleeping outside his environment, before one year it is also advisable to maintain benchmarks so that the child feels safe.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up taking short pleasure breaks during the holidays, you just have to prepare the ground well! If possible, it is recommended to favor the same place of residence, but also to bring with you everything that can reassure him: his comforter, his night light, his pacifier, his bottle or anything that is used for his sleep routine. When your child grows up, around the age of 3/4 years, you can even bring with you toys from his daily life that you will install in his “new” room so that he can play throughout the day. Lyliane Nemet-Pier explains the advantages of this method forThe Parisian : “If the child spends all his time in the living room or the garden, the bedroom will not be familiar to him, which may make him anxious and make it difficult to fall asleep“.

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The nap, a central element of the sleep ritual

Up to 4 years old, it is also essential to maintain your child’s nap times. It is wrong to think that skipping your toddler’s nap will help him sleep better at night. The psychologist also assures that it is even an essential element: “Until the age of 3-4 years it is essential to maintain this ritual to allow children to better enjoy their day and fall asleep more easily at night.“.

Being more flexible with your child during the holidays by allowing him to stay up late is a fairly common situation, but you still have to be careful not to change your habits too much. You can also set up a quiet time of at least thirty minutes before bedtime for younger children and a minimum hour without a screen for older children.

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