The Rings of Power on Prime Video: the end of episode 6 explained with major revelations

Episode 6 of The Rings of Power series delivered its share of battles and revelations! Focus on 3 mysteries solved by this 6th part.

SPOILERS – Attention, the article below reveals episode 6 of the Rings of Power. If you do not wish to know the content, please do not read what follows.

After 5 episodes that raised many mysteries, the 6th part of the Rings of Power lifted the veil on some enigmas raised by the series!

Thus, three major revelations were made in this episode. We invite you to review them and dissect the issues.



Stolen by Theo from Old Waldreg’s barn, this mysterious broken sword has raised many questions among fans. Marked with the seal of Sauron and reacting to the blood of the young man, would this weapon corrupt him and awaken Evil?

In episode 5, a clue suggested that this blade was going to be used as a key. On a mural of Ostirith unveiled by Arondir, one could see the representation of a sword sinking into the body of a man. It was therefore assumed that the stranger collected from the Pievelus would be sacrificed over this bladed weapon to awaken Sauron. The revelations of episode 6 prove that this is not the case! When the army of Númenor arrives in Tirharad, where the men of the Southlands are entrenched, the battle rages with the Orcs under the command of Adar.

The latter then entrusts the broken sword to this traitor Waldreg, who hastens to go to Ostirith, reform the whole blade thanks to his blood, then push it into a slot present under the famous mural fresco. He thus unblocks dams which send torrents of water towards the Mountain of Destiny, which then erupts. We also discover that these tunnels and this device were made by the Orcs of Adar. One of his lieutenants had warned in the previous episode: “The tunnels are ready, Lord”. This is why they sought the sword with ardor in order to complete their fatal work.



The 6th episode confirms that the Southern Lands where Arondir, Bronwyn and Theo are located are indeed located in the future Mordor. The volcano that erupts at the end of the episode is indeed Mount Doom, where the One Ring was forged, and the only place where it can be destroyed.

This revelation had been announced as early as episode 3, when Galadriel discovers that the seal of Sauron was actually hiding a map of the Southern Lands, which will lead the Elf to convince Míriel, the Queen Regent of Númenor, to raise an army for save the people of the Southern Lands from the threat of this awakening Evil.

In addition, we hear the Orc prisoners chanting the name of Udûn, which corroborates the advent of Mordor. Indeed, in The Lord of the Rings, the Valley of Udûn is located in the northwest corner of Mordor. It is formed by the extremities of the chains of Ered Luthui in the North and Ephel Dúath in the West. The valley is surrounded to the north by the Morannon, and to the south by the Isenmouthe. Udûn is also the title of episode 6.



During the battle against the Númenóreans at Tirharad, Adar flees on horseback, pursued by Halbrand and Galadriel. At the end of a breathless ride, the knight manages to catch up with the sovereign of the Orcs and makes him fall from his steed.

He is then taken prisoner and chained before being questioned in a virulent way by the commander of the Armées du Nord, making some revelations. Last week, we were looking at a corrupted Elf (Maglor, son of Fëanor, creator of the 3 Silmarils) whose inspiration could have come from the Silmarillion.

It would seem that this track is discarded by the statements of Adar. He would be a corrupt Elf who killed Sauron, creating a new race of Orcs called Uruk. He took command of it and would follow his own evil agenda, different from the Dark Lord’s.

Still a little patience before solving other puzzles! There are two episodes left before the end of this first season on Prime Video. Sauron’s physical form may really have been wiped out by Adar, who could no longer bear the abuse inflicted on his Uruks, but his dark soul survived.

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