the rise in prices continues to slow in the old

The prices of old real estate continued to slow slightly over one year in the third quarter of 2022 with an increase of 6.4% in France, according to the Notaires-Insee reference index published on Thursday.

The increase had been 6.8% in the second quarter and 7.3% in the first, while the rise in prices has been sustained since the start of the pandemic. The data from notaries published on Thursday is based on final sales. The National Institute of Statistics (INSEE) is associated with the calculation of the index.

The rise in prices follows the curve of transactions which, after reaching a peak in the 3rd quarter of 2021 (more than 1.2 million sales), is slowly declining but remains at a very high level with 1.13 million sales concluded.

Prices soar Marseille

The trend has been observed since 2020, which sees house prices become more expensive much faster than apartments, continues: they increased twice as fast, 8.2% against 4.1% in the third quarter.

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Ile-de-France, where real estate prices are the highest, continues to increase much less than the rest of metropolitan France (2% against 8.1%). Apartment prices follow completely different trends in the country’s three largest cities: they continue to ebb Paris (-1.2%), while they blaze Marseille (+10.8%) and progress slowly Lyon (+1.9%).

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